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Stihl HTA 86 Cordless Pole Pruner


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  • Total Length- 270cm
  • Bar Length- 30cm
  • Weight- 4.6kg
  • Telescopic
  • Run time with AR 2000- Up to 175 mins
  • Run time with AR 3000- Up to 230 mins


The Stihl HTA 86 Cordless pole pruner is  powerful, quiet and low-vibration. For professional use in tree maintenance, orchards and local authorities. For pruning trees, removing dead wood and breakage from storms, and for cutting back fruit trees. ¼” PM3 saw chain, lightweight and compact power head with sturdy branch hook for easy removal of loose cuttings from the tree. Rigid shaft to help with guidance and a clean and precise cut. Rapid length adjustment with quick release mechanism. Total length 270 – 390 cm.

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Weight 4.6 kg

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