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BCA1200 30cm Brush Cutter Attachment


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  • Run Time 2.5Ah- Up to 27 mins
  • Run Time 4.0Ah- Up to 50 mins
  • Run Time 5.0Ah- Up to 60 mins
  • Weight-1.8kg
  • Total Length-102cm
  • Domestic Warranty- 5 Years
  • Professional Warranty- 2 Years


Tough weeds and stubborn grasses are no match for the EGO multi-tool brush cutter attachment. It’s built specifically to deal with difficult undergrowth with its three-sided blade. The 30cm cutting width means you can complete the toughest tasks with ease.

Tackle the brush that your mower can’t cut. The three-sided metal blade will make short work of any overgrown area, seeing away dense grass and weeds. Keeping the blade sharp is vital, and it’s easy to disassemble to allow sharpening. You can also remove the metal blade to replace it with a nylon line head which allows more flexibility.

With a 30cm cutting width, you can power through the areas you couldn’t before with ease, and have enough left in the battery to take on another garden task! All unique patented ARC Lithium™ batteries fit in every product, so you can decide which battery is most suited to your workload.

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Weight 1.8 kg

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