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  • Weibang Virtue 53 SSD Shaft Drive 3-Speed Lawnmower 4-in-1

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  • Weibang Virtue 53 Pro BBC Lawnmower

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  • Weibang Virtue 53 PRO 3-Speed Lawnmower

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  • Weibang Virtue 50 SVP Lawnmower

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LB7650E Leaf Blower

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  • Speed- Variable Speed with Lock-on + Boost
  • Brushless Motor
  • Weight (without batter)-2.1kg
  • Domestic Warranty- 5 Years
  • Professional Warranty- 2 Year
  • Run time 2.5Ah Battery (Low)- Up to 30mins
  • Run Time 4.0Ah Battery (Low)-Up to 120mins
  • Run Time 5.0Ah Battery (Low)-Up to 150mins


Prepare to be blown away by our LB7650E cordless blower. Featuring speed boost which will provide you with 1300 m3/h output when engaged, a large blowing tube which can be fitted with our AN7650R (Round) or AN7650F (Flat) nozzles – both of which are included in the price.

The leaf blower with no bark, but plenty of bite. Clear your gardens, paths, driveways, decks…just about everything, and in no time too. Equipped with a variable speed thumb selector, it’s easy to adjust when you need more power to disrupt more stubborn debris – plus the boost function for maximum power.

Part of the Professional range, this cordless battery leaf blower easily outperforms even the leading petrol-powered blowers. Its maximum output is 1300 m3/h, so quite literally blows away the competition.

For comfort, it’s also compatible with our EGO Power+ backpack, so you can take the weight of the battery off your arms, leaving them free to complete the task without strain.

Included with this blower is our round nozzle which is perfect for moving leaves and other debris in large volumes, plus the flat nozzle which you can use to move wet leaves, stones and other hard to shift objects. All this is possible because of the high-efficiency brushless motor which delivers more power, and a greater run time.


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Weight 2.1 kg

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