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HTA2000S Short Hedge Trimmer Attachment


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  • Run Time 2.5Ah- Up to 37 mins
  • Run Time 4.0Ah- Up to 65 mins
  • Run Time 5.0Ah- Up to 82 mins
  • Weight- 2.2kg
  • Total Length- 120cm
  • Cutting Capacity- 26mm
  • Domestic Warranty- 5 Years
  • Professional Warranty- 2 Years


If your garden is full of low, deep hedges, then this is the trimmer you need. Powered by EGO’s revolutionary ARC Lithium™ 56v battery technology, the HTA2000S short hedge trimmer attachment will make light work of any unruly hedges with its unrivalled power and super sharp, diamond ground blades.

Designed with the user in mind, there are 9 adjustable cutting angles meaning you can work to the shape of the hedge without any awkwardness, easily achieving the finish you desire. The short hedge trimmer is just one attachment of many for our PH1400E multi-tool head. There is a  full range of multi-tool attachments to choose from for all your gardening needs.

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 120 cm

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