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ACA1000 Charging Adaptor


8% Off

  • Plug into your Rapid Charger to connect power to your multi-port charging case.
  • Charges up to six batteries at same time.
  • Charges six 10Ah batteries in 8 hours.


Charge up to six EGO batteries at the same time without needing multiple chargers with our ACA1000 charging adaptor. Compatible with the CHU6000 multi-port charging case and our CH5500E rapid charger, simply slot the charging adaptor into the rapid charger, then plug the lead into your multi-port charging case to charge up to six EGO batteries at once.

EGO’s intelligent power management system charges batteries with the lowest level of charge first, then brings all the batteries up to full charge at the same rate. Charging 6x 10Ah batteries in 8 hours in combination with the ACA1000 and 550W rapid charger.

For shorter charging times, pair the multi-port charging case with our 1600W wall-charger. This will charge 6 x 10Ah batteries in as little as 3 hours.

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