At Christchurch Garden Machinery Ltd we are proud to be an Aspen Fuels Service Centre. Many of you are aware of the long term issues that can be caused by using modern petrol purchased from your local pumps and as a result of this we have decided to fit Aspen Fuel to all petrol machinery both new and old. Aspen provides you and your machine with many benefits, eliminating any concerns over phase separation and reducing the emissions significantly which in turn reduces the impact exhaust emissions have on the operators health.

For more information on Aspen Fuels, click here to view Aspen’s website.

Most power tools are designed for easy maintenance, but surprisingly and estimated 60% of users don’t bother to make the effort. Then, without realising they cost themselves time and money if their machine isn’t running efficiently or worse still, take the risk of their machine letting them down!

A regular service and some routine home maintenance cuts fuel consumption and emissions, extends engine life and improves performance making for a happier machine with an even happier owner.

Here are some simple checks to carry out at home:

  • Start by cleaning your tools. We sell special cleaners and solvents for the purpose.
  • Look for signs of wear or damage, and even inhabitants (engine compartments make nice nesting places).
  • Check moving parts are secure and balanced – blades and cutting tools in particular.
  • Clean spark plugs and check the gap.
  • Check sharpness of blades and lubricate.
  • Lubricate gear units and clean/replace air filters.
  • Drain any fuel over two weeks’ old. Re-fill with fresh fuel to the correct ratio.
  • To change the engine oil, a short burst on the engine will stir up any sediment and warm oil will flow out more easily. Turn the engine off before draining into a container for proper disposal. Re-fill before use.


If you are experiencing issues with your machine that you cannot solve at home then you should book it into our workshop where our experienced technicians will be able to provide you with the solutions that you require. Our technicians have many years of experience working with Kubota, Stihl, Honda, Club Car, Mountfield, Hayter, Toro, Viking, Echo, Tanaka and lots more, including factory training wherever necessary.

We can provide the service you need. If you’d rather your vehicle is repaired on site, want us to come and collect it from you or simply require some special treatment because… well because you’re special, nothing is out of the question. We have the facilities and the abilities to meet your specific needs.

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