6′ – 12′ options availableAdjustable rear legClawed, anti-slip feet




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Made with high grade aluminium alloy construction and 3 legs to provide stability when on uneven ground. The third leg is telescopic and all legs have clawed anti-slip feet. All the ladders are supplied with removable rubber feet.


Model Dimensions (mm, max) Back Leg + Adj (mm) Total Height Platform Height Weight (kg)
GMF180A H1780 x W866 x D1055 1165 + 429 6′ 3′ 6
GMF240A H2360 x W1284 x D1368 1765 + 429 8′ 5′ 8
GWF300A H2940 x W1496 x D1678 2065 + 429 10′ 7′ 10
GWF360A H3520 x W1496 x D1989 2365 + 429 12′ 9′ 12


These Tri-Pod Ladders offer the perfect solution for gaining access on uneven ground or difficult to reach places. These 3 legged ladders are perfect for use as step ladders, hedge cutting ladders, orchard ladders, garden ladders, window cleaning ladders, caravan cleaning ladders, camper-van, cleaning ladders, greenhouse cleaning ladders, conservatory cleaning ladders, amongst many other uses.