• Cutter Deck Size: 21″ / 53cm
  • Garden Size: Large.  Suitable for lawns up to 1,800m² (> 2 tennis courts)
  • Deck Type: Xenoy – This deck type is made of very strong, durable polymer materials, which are highly resistant to UV, corrosion and dents
  • Transmission: Variable Hydrostatic Drive – This lawnmower’s speed is adjusted by a lever on the upper handle and gives you smooth, stepless speed control
  • Rear Roller: Not available
  • Rotostop: Yes – On this model you are able to stop the blades but leave the engine running
  • Mulching: Versamow Variable – You can choose whether you want to collect the grass cuttings into the bag, finely shred them onto the lawn or a combination of both
  • Electric Start: This lawnmower is fitted with an electric key start ignition in addition to the standard recoil pull-start


For more details please either phone 01202 473355 or enquire in-store.


It is powered by an OHC 4-stroke Honda GCV190 187 cc engine, which is ultra reliable, very powerful, and provides an exceptional performance.

With the Honda Versamow 4-in-1 function, this machine has the option of collecting, mulching and rear discharging your clippings, as well as mulching and collecting at the same time. With the Versamow system, you just simply select your preferred mowing mode via the cleverly placed single lever, meaning there is absolutely no need for a mulching plug. The Versamow function creates plenty of space in the large 88 litre grass bag. The system also offers a setting for leaf shredding where leaves are recirculated until they are small enough to pass through the Versamow opening and into the bag.

The HRX537HZ features Honda’s HRX cruise control, otherwise known as Hydrostatic transmission. It allows infinite speed control between 0 to 4 mph, producing an excellent cut. This machine is also an electric key start model with advanced battery technology, meaning no more battles with a traditional recoil start.

The cutter deck is made from an incredibly durable Xenoy® material, which has a 5 year warranty, and will never rust, dent or corrode.

The Honda MicroCut twin blade system uses four cutting surfaces to cut grass into tiny pieces that will decompose even more quickly in the soil, acting as a fantastic natural fertiliser.

The handles on the HRX537HZ are fully folding meaning you don’t have to worry abou storage space.

The HRX537HZ lawnmower features the blade-brake Roto-Stop system, meaning that when you take your hands off of the handle, the engine will continue to run but the blades will stop. It provides complete peace of mind whilst you mow, and is one of the safest blade functions.