• Cutter Deck Size: 21″ / 53cm
  • Garden Size: Large – Suitable for lawns up to 1,800m² (> 2 tennis courts)
  • Deck Type: Cast Aluminium – This deck type offers exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion
  • Transmission: Single Speed – This lawnmower will self propell itself at one speed
  • Rear Roller: Yes – This lawnmower can achieve stripes on your lawn
  • Rotostop: Yes – On this model you are able to stop the blades but leave the engine running
  • Mulching: Optional – Mulching is only available on this model if you purchase an additional mulching kit from a Honda Dealer
  • Electric Start: Not available


For more details please either phone 01202 473355 or enquire in-store.


It is powered by a very reliable OHV 4-stroke Honda GXV160 engine, that provides plenty of power suitable for the commercial user as well as the home-owner looking for a little something extra.

With a large 53 cm cutting deck it is the perfect mower for larger lawns. With an integrated rear roller, it creates that classic striped effect without the need of having to purchase a separate roller.

Being a self propelled mower, it eliminates the hard, strenuous efforts of having to hand push your mower.

The HRD536QX features Honda’s unique Roto-stop® safety feature, where the engine is left running whilst the blades come to hault. This enables the user to empty the grass bag, or move obstacles which are in the way with complete peace of mind.

As well as coming with a large 83 litre grass bag, this machine has the option to side discharge via a side deflector chute that is available.

With a durable aluminium deck, the HRD 536 QX lawnmower is lightweight and very strong, providing a very lengthy service life.

With 5 heights of cut between 14-52 mm, you are able to choose your ideal grass finish. The handles are easily folded, making it much easier to store your lawnmower. The wheels are a large 8 inches, with a new tread design and a much softer compound material for rock-steady operation.

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