Hendon Ladders

Heavy Duty Standard Tripod Ladders

Ladder Heights:

  • 2.4m (8ft)
  • 3.0m (10ft)
  • 3.6m (12ft)



For more details please either phone 01202 473355 or enquire in-store.


The Hendon Heavy Duty Tripod Ladder from Hendon has been produced to the same design as the standard Hendon ladder (GMF), but with extra wall thickness and slightly different geometry.

The three-leg design and wide base provide fantastic stability for use on uneven ground or on lawns, preventing wobbling and assuring you of safe operation.

Extra grip is provided by clawed feet at the bottom of each leg, while the ladder is also very comfortable to stand and work on thanks to its broad double rung steps. The telescopic third leg allows the ladder to easily straddle over shrubs, low fences and walls, giving great flexibility of use – depending on the task you can work face-on with the third leg planted into a hedge, or sideways with the side of the base parallel to the task, giving the perfect working position. A flat top allows you to rest baskets or tools.

The Hendon ladder is made from welded aluminium alloy extrusions, meaning it is lightweight but still strong.

As standard, your Hendon ladder will also include a pack of 3 rubber boots