Autumn is a great opportunity to get your garden ready for winter!

Clear out your green house- Start by sweeping up plant debris then disinfect the paths and the inside of the glass as this will help to prevent pests. Open

the window for a day or two to allow enough ventilation for it to dry out thoroughly. Also cleaning pots and seed trays now will ensure they are ready for spring sowing.

Tidy up borders- Tiding up your borders around the lawn by clearing fallen leaves and trimming back plants and hedges will give spring plants room to bloom! and keeps you garden looking fresh. Adding a layer of compost would benfit your flower beds too ready for spring.

Protect your pond- Covering your pond with a thin meshed net which you can secure with bricks around the edge, will protect your pond from falling leaves which can contaminate the water and cause filters and pumps to become blocked, saving you time and effort later.

Maintain your mower- Before you store your lawnmower away for the winter make sure you get it serviced, leaving it all winter can cause issues when it comes to spring and its time to mow the lawn again. also regular servicing can help improve the life of your mower. waiting until spring to have your lawnmower serviced might mean you will have to wait long as its generally a busier time of year.